My Path

into the food industry began when I was very young. Like many chefs, my journey didn’t begin with me mapping out my career trajectory — it started with a simple love of food. I started off experimenting in the kitchen, developing a deep-seated love of cooking. 

That love turned into a professional endeavor later in life. I trained at Western Culinary Institution and landed a job cooking at a summer camp. It was there I met Chef Uzi, a multi-talented Israeli chef. Training under Chef Uzi was an invaluable experience. That summer, my ambition grew tenfold. I began to contemplate going into business myself, a dream that eventually manifested as Gourmet on the Go. 


Now, I’m bringing Portland, OR gourmet takes on traditional gastropub fare conveniently served out of a food truck. I hand roll my fresh, never frozen ground beef each day and cook my pork and chicken for over 12 hours to ensure quality. These ingredients go into burgers, sandwiches, and other dishes residents of the City of Roses have come to love. If you want gourmet food on wheels, I’m more than happy to provide. 

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